Utah Soil Health Network

Utah Association of Conservation Districts

Project Purpose

Increase the implementation of soil health practices in Utah, through demonstration, outreach, and evaluation.


  • Increase localized knowledge of soil health in Utah's various farming systems.
  • Evaluate the impacts of implementing soil health on agronomic, economic, environmental, and social factors of farm or ranch
  • Create a support network and mentor program

Expected Outcomes/Deliverables

  • Establishment of 16 on-farm demonstration sites across the state
  • Collection and evaluation data from several soil health systems in various farm systems for all key factors
  • Development of the next set of Soil Health Mentors for the state
  • Collaboration between various farm advisors, Extension Agents, Conservation Planners, and Crop Advisors
  • Development of factsheets, videos, and other educational materials on soil health for Utah


  • A Soil Health System will be developed unique to each demo site

  • Evaluation of water use/savings of various soil health practices in irrigated and dryland systems

  • Working with International Rescue Committee's (IRC) New Roots Farmers to implement soil health among HU in urban agriculture settings

  • Annual Producer Interviews and surveys will be used to collect economic and social data

  • Two demonstration sites will be used to collect water quality data

County Sites Map

On-Farm Soil Health Demonstration Trial

Semi-Annual Progress Report

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