Matt Yost


Assistant Professor, Agroclimate Extension Specialist

Plants, Soils, and Climate
Utah State University
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Dr. Yost is a native of southern Idaho where he was raised on a dairy farm. After completing his PhD, he spent 4 years doing postdoctoral research in the U.S. Midwest trying to build soil health on claypan soils.

He is now an assistant professor and agroclimate extension specialist at Utah State University. He has authored numerous journal and extension articles on research dealing with soil health and conservation, nitrogen management, water management, precision agriculture, and bioenergy crops.

His most recent work in Utah has included over 50 on-farm research trials to investigate soil health, irrigation schedules, irrigation technologies, precision irrigation, and other water optimization approaches for agriculture. He is on the advisory committee of the Soil Health Partnership (over 150 on-farm trials) and a member of the Western Cover Crop Council. He also helps lead the USU Extension Crops team